16 May 2022

On 16 May 2022, the President of the Constitutional Court, Prof.Dr. Valer Dorneanu, received the delegation of experts of the International Labour Organisation, composed of Mr Bernd Waas, Head of Delegation, Mr Xavier Beaudonnet, Head of the Collective Bargaining Unit, Freedom of Association Subsidiary and M. Cristina Miheș, Senior Specialist in Social Dialogue and Labour Law.

The meeting was attended by Ms Ioana Chiorean and Ms Patricia Ionea, assistant magistrates of the Constitutional Court, and Mr Cristian Tache, Adviser, Directorate-General for European Affairs and International Relations, Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity.

Representatives of the International Labour Organisation, in the framework of the technical advisory mission carried out in Romania, expressed their interest in the case-law of the Constitutional Court on collective agreements applicable to staff paid from public versus private funds, the conditions for the legal establishment and representativeness of trade unions, and the protection of trade union representatives.