24-25 April 2023

On 24-25 April 2023, Mr Gheorghe Stan, Judge, and Mrs Cristina Titirișcă, Assistant Magistrate, participated, as liaison agents of the Constitutional Court of Romania in the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission), in the work of the XXth Joint Council on Constitutional Justice, as well as in the mini-conference on Measures taken by States in response to the COVID-19 crisis and their impact on constitutional justice – constitutional case-law on emergency situations. The events took place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

During the working session of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice, technical elements on the work of liaison officers were presented, such as the development of the CODICES database or the transmission of relevant decisions of constitutional courts for publication in the Electronic Bulletin of the Venice

Commission (e-Bulletin on Constitutional Case-Law). Participants were also informed of the latest opinions and reports of the Venice Commission, adopted so far since the last Council meeting held online in September 2021. Judge Gheorghe Stan intervened in the practical exercise on systematisation of a decision of a constitutional court, with the reasoned presentation of case-law keys relevant to the indexation of decisions in the CODICES database.

At the mini-conference, debates were held on the second day of the works, and the delegation of the Romanian Constitutional Court presented issues relating to the constitutional review of the Romanian state’s measures during the state of emergency and the state of alert imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event agenda is available on the Venice Commission’s website at: https://www.venice.coe.int/webforms/documents/?pdf=CDL-JU-OJ(2023)001rev-e