4 May 2023

The President of the Constitutional Court of Romania, Mr Marian Enache, stated that integrity is a concept of synthesis, which concentrates in its content ethical and moral values of citizens’ conduct in their various public and private roles in society.

The declaration was made by the President of the Constitutional Court of Romania, Mr Marian Enache, at the International Conference organised by the National Integrity Agency on the importance of legislation in the context of integrity policies and whistleblowing, which took place on Thursday 4 May 2023 at the Central University Library.

“Translating these values into the law is a highly responsible work in which the political decision-maker not only recognises the importance of these values, but ensures their respect through the rules of law,” said Marian Enache.

He also stated that, from the point of view of the integrity of the civil service, Romanian society is unanimous to regard it as a value to be protected from any corrosive and negative phenomena.

“It is for the legislator to identify the best methods/means of strengthening the integrity system, but always respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and the requirements of the rule of law”, Marian Enache said.

The President of the Court also stressed that this debate brought to the fore the role of legal rules in defining and structuring integrity as part of the ethical awareness and legal culture of the Romanian people.

Fairness, honesty, reputation, prestige, respect, appreciation, honour – said the President of the Court – are values that find their source and legitimacy in the foundation of morals, they already exist in the forma mentis  and in the ethical conscience of our people.

In his speech, citing the Austrian thinker Ludwig von Mises, the President of the Court stated that the only objective of both laws with a moral component and the coercive apparatus is to safeguard the functioning of social cooperation and that the appropriate criterion for assessing the laws and methods of enforcing them is whether or not they are effective in order to protect the social order that we want to preserve.