Powers Constitutional Court

Common rules

Constitutional review of laws before promulgation

Verification on the constitutionality of initiatives for the revision of the Constitution

Constitutional review of the treaties or other international agreements

Constitutional review of the Standing Orders of the Parliament

Settlement of the exception of unconstitutionality

Settlement of legal disputes of constitutional nature between public authorities

Observance of the procedure for the election of the President of Romania and confirmation of the ballot returns

Ascertaining the circumstances which justify the interim in the exercise of the office of President of Romania

Issue of an Advisory Opinion on the proposal to suspend the President of Romania from office

Exercise of powers in respect of the organisation and conduct of a referendum and confirmation of its results

Verification of fulfilment of the conditions for the citizens’ exercise of the legislative initiative

Adjudicating with respect to objections on the constitutionality of a political party

Other powers provided by the organic law of the Court