PRESS RELEASE, 24 June 2021

At the hearing of 24 June 2021, the Constitutional court, in the context of the review of laws subsequent to the promulgation, by a majority, upheld the exception of unconstitutionality raised by the People’s Advocate and found that the provisions of Article 38 of the State Budget Law for 2021 No 15/2021.

The Court found that Article 38 of Law No 15/2021 infringes the constitutional provisions of Article 1 (5) on the principle of legality, by reference to Article 65 (1) and (2) b), Article 76 (2) and Article 138 (3) of the Constitution on the rule of law.

The provisions found as unconstitutional have the following wording: “Until 31 December 2021, by way of derogation from the Article 20 of Law No 31/2007 on the reorganisation and functioning of the Academy of Romanian Scientists, as subsequently amended and completed, the financing of the institution’s expenses is ensured from its own revenues.”


The decision is final and generally binding.

The arguments set out in the reasoning part of the decision of the Constitutional Court will be set out in the decision, which will be published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I.


External Relations, Press and Protocol Department