Structure of the Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court is composed of 9 judges, appointed for a 9-year term of office, which cannot be extended or renewed.

The Constitutional Court carries out its activity in plenum and the acts of the Court are adopted by a majority vote of the judges, unless otherwise provided for by law.

The quorum for the plenum is two-thirds of the number of judges. Judges must vote in the affirmative or in the negative, since abstention is not permitted.

The plenum may take any measures necessary for the proper conduct of the activities of the Constitutional Court. Approval of the Rules governing the organisation and operation of the Court falls within its remit, while the president is responsible for convening and chairing over the Court’s sessions, also performing the other functions provided for by the Law on the Organisation and Operation of the Court and in the aforementioned Rules.

The apparatus of the Constitutional Court consists of the Body of Assistant-Magistrates, acting under the direction of the President of the Court, and the staff of the Secretariat-General, who provide the services necessary for the functioning of the Court.

The structure of the staff of the Constitutional Court is governed by Law No 124/2000.